Arrested for Purchasing Illegal Prescription Drugs Online? Attorneys Like Aric Cramer Can Help

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On the internet, it’s possible for a person to purchase the prescription drugs they want without a prescription. Many people mistakenly believe they have a lower chance of being caught purchasing these drugs online than they might if they purchased them in person. Although the process of catching and arresting a person for purchasing drugs online is relatively new, it does happen and can happen to anyone who decides to do this.

Laws Broken by Purchasing Illegal Drugs Online

Various laws can be broken by purchasing illegal prescription drugs online. Simply possessing the drugs is illegal and the person could face multiple charges depending on what they purchase. Additionally, conspiracy to receive drugs is a crime that a person could be charged with. They can also be charged with drug trafficking if they purchase the drugs with the intent to sell and trafficking drugs across state lines if the drugs were purchased from another state.

How a Person Might be Caught

A person can be caught because their information was found during a raid for the seller of the drugs, if they purchased the drugs from an undercover officer online, or because the shipment was intercepted before it reached their home. They can be caught whether or not they use their real name or their real address. They might even be under suspicion for a period of time before they’re arrested as they police might wait to gather evidence they are purchasing a significant amount of drugs before they’re arrested. 

Defending the Charges

If a person has been arrested and charged with any of the previously mentioned charges for purchasing illegal prescription drugs online, they will need to contact a lawyer immediately. There are defenses that can be used depending on how the person was caught, whether they ordered the drugs and more. The lawyer can carefully review the case to determine what defenses to use for their client and whether it’s possible to avoid a conviction entirely. 

If you’ve been arrested and charged with possession of drugs and drug conspiracy for receiving prescription drugs online, make sure you contact a lawyer quickly. Take the time to speak with Aric Cramer today to learn more about what he can do to defend you against these charges.


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