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Important Qualities of a Shot Ski

To come up with a shot ski, you need to attach three to five glasses on an old ski. A ski is one of a pair of the long flat bars attached to the feet of a runner in order to move over the snow. Shot ski glasses are glue equal distances from each other. Shot ski is a pastime event common during the winter. When winter falls, people prefer staying in the winter resorts. In order to utilize the old skis, social drinking vessels are made. During the winter, people fear taking cold drinks. Shot skis enable people with this kind of fear to overcome it and take the whole drink. In case you are unable to finish your drink, it will pour on your face. Below are characteristics of a customized shot ski.

A perfect shot ski has messages and beautiful patterns on the surfaces. Generally, when a ski gets old, it becomes unattractive as a result of wear and tear. The old ski are also subject to rust. So as to make the old ski become more attractive, paints and finishes are applied to the surfaces. So as to spread messages of goodwill, messages are written on the lower surfaces of the ski. People’s names are also written on the top side so that a person can identify his/her drink. This feature attracts even the people who have fear of shot skiing.

The glasses must be strongly attached to the ski. The strong gluing ensures the glasses are always in place. Since shot skiing is common in the cold and wet weather, the glue and adhesive used should be waterproof. The best glue is the Gorilla glue. Gluing of the glasses is supposed to be the last step. After attaching the glasses to the ski with an adhesive, plenty of time must be given so that the glue is set and dry.

The glasses on the ski are equidistantly attached. A shot ski normally hold three to five glasses. In order to provide each person with enough space, the glasses must be equidistantly placed. Shot ski for bigger people have glasses which are placed far distances apart. The glasses are also attached at the middle of the ski’s width.

The shot ski must be dipped or sealed with a clear spray. Once you have done with the preparation of the ski, spraying it with a clear spray is important to prevent liquid from the shot glasses from damaging the paint and patterns. This sealing also prevents the ski from rusting and losing its attractive appearance.

The above are the common qualities of the customized shot ski.
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